Digital Marketing Services

Ready to simplify your digital marketing?

Social Media Management

Social media management is more than just posting a pretty picture to your social media platform and waiting for likes. We manage your social media platforms to give you maximum achievement of your business goals.




Website Design & Optimization Services

A website is the hub of all your digital marketing efforts. We design responsive WordPress websites that reflect your brand, gives your visitors a good experience and guides them to take the actions you desire.


Search Engine Optimization Services

Is your business currently being found when potential customers have a need for a product/service like yours? Ranking highly in Google search results is not an overnight process but there are many strategies that can be put in place to get you on the right path to appearing in search results. Contact us for SEO quotes today.

Email Marketing Services

It is said that for every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect an average return of $38 (constant 

Email marketing allows you to target specific buyers. It is easy to personalize and it guarantees fast and measurable results.

Content Creation/Curation

A key element of your digital marketing strategy is the content your provide for your customers. Is your content relevant? Is it the right content for the right moment? These and many other factors need to be considered and Project Dorcas Studio helps you strategize how to do this.

Google Adwords Services

Connect with potential customers that are directly  searching for products or services like yours through a Google Ads campaign.

Ready to simplify your digital marketing?

Working with Latoya has being an amazing experience.  Her love, passion, and skill for web design have allowed her to be an expert in her area. Coming into the entrepreneurial field and discovering that website is one of the most effective marketing tool to have if you desire your business to grow and excel in the business industry, having the understanding of this and being someone who is very new to the world of website I wanted a web design coach who would walk me through the process of bringing my business to life via website media, Latoya did this.  She guided me through the process of selecting a perfect domain that would stand out in my area of business, she uses her creative skill to design the graphics of my website she knows just the right color, theme and words that will not just allow you to gain clients but your website will be able to stand out in your area of business choice.

I would recommend anyone who desires to have a website that will stand out in their business field and attract customers to get in connection with her. Because of her guidance and creative knowledge I can truly say thanks for guiding me through the process of bringing to life.

Sherdeine Thomas

Visionaries International Coaching

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