Google Analytics insights are essential data that helps you determine how your website is performing. From finding out where your audience is coming from to all the actions they take on your website, google analytics is proven to be an essential tool. As essential as google analytics is, most of the insights that can be gathered from it gets overlooked. Has your business been paying attention to all the vital information you can gather there? Here’s a look at some of the information you can gather.

Google Analytics insights tell you where your audience is exiting your web page.

Why is this important? You want your audience to remain on your website as long as possible and convert. If they are exiting without converting, google analytics can help you see exactly where and you can examine this page to see what needs to be done.

Google Analytics shows you your best pieces of content based on how your audience is engaging with it.

Use google analytics to gauge which pieces of content your readers read the most. The data will show you which posts are ranked the highest indicating what appeals most to the target audience.

Google Analytics insights point you to how long the audience is interacting with your post.

This gives you an indication of the value of the post to them. If readers are bouncing immediately after landing on your content then you can deduce that it is not holding their interest or the wrong type of reader is landing on your page.

Google Analytics insights show you where your website traffic is coming from.

It points you to the source of traffic such as social media but then it also pinpoints which exact social media platform. The same is true for traffic from search engines. Results will show you that traffic is coming from search engines but goes deeper and show you whether Bing, Google, etc.

Google Analytics gives you insights such as which channels give you the most engaged users.

Your audience can come from anywhere what but you need to pay more attention to are the ones converting on your website and where they are coming from. Whatever the conversion action is on your website, who converts the most? Is it your readers from social media or maybe from SEO traffic? This gives you insight into where best to invest your resources.

A key Google analytics insight allows you to set a conversion goal and track your results.

Take a lead magnet download for example, you can create a goal to document whether it is being downloaded or not. You can compare traffic that the conversion page receives versus how many are actually converting. This could be an indication that while your website page may interest your ideal audience the lead magnet is not valuable enough for them to download.

This is just a tiny slice of all the insights that you can gather from Google Analytics. If you are not already using it then you are missing out on valuable data that can impact the number of conversions you receive through your website.

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