Latoya Saddler

Latoya Saddler

COO Project Dorcas

Hi! I am Latoya Saddler, owner of Project Dorcas Studio. I am a former educator, cake business entrepreneur, and blogger. I am passionate about seeing service based entrepreneurs, small business owners and non-profits see their visions thrive.

Many people have visions but they never take action on them or those that do are often not successful. For me this is where I come in, marketing is one of the key elements to seeing your vision come to life and I am passionate about using these techniques to help you meet your goals successfully.

My journey to becoming a digital marketing professional is unique. In 2015, I was a running a custom cake design business from my home. The Lord placed it on my heart to start a blog to chronicle my purpose journey and help others understand their purpose. As I desired to get my blog to reach the right audience, I kept on coming across a number of digital marketing techniques that would help me do this, for example, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and content marketing.

As I continued to dive into these areas, I realized that not only did I enjoy doing it, but I wanted to use this knowledge to help other gain success in their passions. I continued to learn as much as I could through the internet but I wanted to take it a step further. This led to me pursuing a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing. I always knew I was passionate about people bringing their visions to life and this for me was the perfect opportunity to do that.

I design websites for entrepreneurs, non-profits and service-based small businesses to help them build and serve their customer base. I also do website optimization for existing websites to improve user experience and conversion ability. In addition, I offer search engine optimization, google ads and social media marketing.

I take my clients through a process of concept development and idea generation to develop a website that caters to their needs or to strategize about how to take their vision to the next level through different marketing channels.

My Goals for my clients are:

  • To let your audience know you exist
  • To pique their interest in your service
  • Provide a path for them to sign up for your service or product
  • Interest them to keep coming back

I absolutely love to see people recognize that they can use their passions to live out their purpose and I am even more ecstatic to play a small part in these visions reaching the right audiences.

When I am not working, reading or churching, I can be found exploring my lovely island with my family.

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