This past week, I spoke with a potential client about a strategy to market a children’s book online. As we were discussing potential options, one thing stood out in my mind, whatever social media marketing strategy we created, there had to be some time-saving element to it. This individual was already busy with a full-time job and only had so much time to invest in marketing.

I recognize that most entrepreneurs understand the importance of social media platforms but they wished it wasn’t so time-consuming. Undoubtedly, time investment is essential for social media marketing success but does that mean that we cannot find ways and systems to decrease the time commitment? Absolutely not.

How do we conquer social media marketing and take back our time? Let’s look at some ways.

Set aside time to plan

This is sage advice is often ignored but how does it benefit you when it comes to saving time while doing social media marketing?

It forces you to concentrate on the task at hand and get it done.

It allows you to produce a batch of work even if in rough draft for later editing.

It allows you to create a roadmap for where you want to go.

You get to conceptualize exactly what you need to get done.

It allows you to look at the bigger picture of what you want to achieve and create content around that.

It allows you to take advantage of holidays and other events because you can look ahead, see what is upcoming and plan ahead for it

You are able to set goals and achievement standards.

The list could go on forever. If you desire to save time and conquer social media then get planning.

Some years ago I learned about a technique called Pomodoro. It is “a cyclical system. You work in short sprints, which ensures that you are consistently productive. You also get to bolster your motivation and keep you creative”. In times where motivation to plan is needed it’s a great technique to implement.

Produce your content in bulk

In one sitting, produce as much content as possible for each platform. If you are planning for a week then write all the topics and outlines for all the posts, create all your graphics in bulk. It just helps to save time and allows you to have everything ready as needed. Then there will be no need to have to make last-minute decisions about what to share.

Create all similar material together. To do this you create all your blogs post topics, all the outlines, video scripts, post layouts together. So in one Pomodoro session,

  • create all the headlines,
  • then create all the subheadings for each post headline
  • in another session the outlines for each subheading,
  • then in another session the body for each sub-topic.

Apply this same method to other forms of content that you must produce.

Canva is an easy tool to use for creating bulk content if you are not an Adobe master. Easily duplicatable formats allow you to create templates and duplicate them for further use.

Schedule ahead as much as possible

Several platforms have built-in scheduling options but there are also third-party scheduling options that you can use to simplify your social media experience. Facebook allows you to schedule directly to its platform. Instagram requires a third party application. Applications such as Coschedule and Hootsuite allows you to schedule ahead but there are also many other paid versions with limited free use.

Repurpose your content

One of my favourite personal social media time-saving tip is repurposing content. Having already gone through the process of creating a video, blog post or some other form of content, why not assess it to see how it can be adapted in a different format?

Videos for youtube can be shortened to make shorter clips for social media

Video scripts can be turned into text and graphics for social media

Blog posts can be made into teaching videos

Blog post subheadings can be made into a blog post of its own creating a whole series.

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination

Schedule time to engage on social media

While some social media platform shows how quickly you respond to customers queries, it is not always possible to respond to every comment or DM immediately. But that is not excuse to let them linger for eternity either. Engaging on social media is a must to grow your platform.

Explore your insights to see when most of your audience is online and choose that time to be the most engaged.

Comment and like the works of those who are interacting with you and those who you would like to engage with your brand.

Social media is essentially about building relationships. It is often said that people buy from those that they trust so engaging with them is just the first step in building that trusting relationship with you.

A bonus point for you

There is a place for curated content, that is content created by someone else but would be of value to your audience. This is a great time-saving practice. Have a system for capturing content when you are casually browsing or when you are intentionally searching for curated content ideas. Evernote is a great tool for doing this. Not only are you able to capture content as you find it, but you are also able to tag it with keywords that will make it easy for you to search and find it when you are ready to use it.

Do you currently have a digital marketing strategy for your brand? Most brand today know that the secret to growing their influence in having a carefully implemented digital marketing strategy. Your audience is searching but do they know you exist? Let’s get together and create a strategy for your brand that will ensure that they find you. To get started complete this form below.

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